The 5 RICHEST Wizards in Harry Potter (RANKED)

Oct 15, 2021
The 5 RICHEST Wizards in Harry Potter (RANKED)

Hey everyone, welcome to another installment of Harry Potter Theory. Today’s theory is going to be discussing the 5 RICHEST Wizarding families in the ENTIRE Wizarding World. But first, I’ve got a message for you guys from the sponsor of today’s vide, Audible. Given that the nature of this channel is Harry Potter related, I’m willing to bet that there are some avid readers in here, and- at least in my experienc, avid readers usually also quite like audiobook, as it allows them to digest their favourite content while they’re on the go. If you like being entertained while you’re on the go, well, you should keep listening.

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The concepts of money and status make appearances all over the place in the Harry Potter stor, starting right at the beginning. In the very first book we get Draco boasting about his family’s wealth, we get the impression that perhaps Ron and the Weasley’s aren’t doing quite so well, and to top it all of, we get to see Harry’s absolutely ridiculous stack of gold inside vault 687 at Gringotts. Now, provided that Gringotts handles the cashflow of nearly every witch and wizard in the magical worl, there must be some SERIOUSLY immense vaults full of gold kicking about. Naturally my next question i, WHO are the top 5 RICHEST witches and wizards in the magical world? Let’s get in to it. 5.

Gilderoy Lockhart In 1982, British wizard Gilderoy Lockhart finally graduated from Hogwarts, at which point he began travelling all around the world. Shortly after graduating, he began to build prominence as an autho, telling his readers tales of his heroism and illustrious magical ability. These same tales eventually brought him considerable fame and, as it turns out, fortune. He was a dark wizard catcher, a dragon tamer, a troll conqueror - if there was a dark and powerful presence in the world, Lockhart had vanquished it all by himself.

The catch? Only he was there to witness it. After each and every time that Lockhart travelled, he would return home with a new book, filled with self-promotion, heroism and extravagance, and it really left a positive impression on the magical population. He’d hold book signings all over the magical world, and people loved to be near Lockhart.

In fact, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Lockhart’s face or novel plastered all along the insides of shop windows. So, what’s my point? Wel, Lockhart became filthy Rich of course. 4. Harry Potter Harry Potter’s wealth in the Harry Potter story is certainly no secre, and we’re exposed to it as early as the Philosopher’s Ston, when we’re first introduced to vault 687 at Gringotts.

Harry has piles and piles of gol, and his immense wealth is mentioned time and time again throughout the Harry Potter story. But obviously, since Harry was just a wee lad, the money wasn’t earned by him. But that certainly doesn’t mean that Harry didn’t have a plethora of wealthy ancestors. As it turns out, the Potter family fortune started with the founding Patriarch of the family, Linfred of Stinchcombe, a revolutionary potioner that began to amass riches in the Potter name. Following him in the family business was Fleamont Potter, Harry’s grandfather, who had all sorts of success of his own.

In shor, Harry had fat stacks of cash, but his fortune only grew after the death of Sirius Black. The Black fortune was immens, and though Sirius didn’t have access to all of it, he certainly wasn’t skint. This meant that after his death all of the money went to Harr, making him one of the richest wizards in the wizarding world.

  1. The Malfoys The Malfoys always seem to be praised as wealthy individual, right? That’s correct, but interestingly, as it turns out, the generational wealth that the Malfoy’s possess started with a wizard named Armand Malfoy who arrived in Britain with William the Conqueror. “Having rendered unknown, shady (and almost certainly magical) services to King William I, Malfoy was given a prime piece of land in Wiltshire, seized from local landowners, upon which his descendants have lived for ten consecutive centuries.

” Having land ownership so early on in history gave them a rather advantageous start, and this is reinforced by Pottermore: “The result is that they are one of the richest wizarding families in Britain, and it has been rumoured for many years (though never proven) that over the centuries the family has dabbled successfully in Muggle currency and assets. ” 2. Bellatrix + Rodolphous Lestrange “The old goblin obeyed, pressing his palm to the wood, and the door of the vault melted away to reveal a cave-like opening crammed from floor to ceiling with golden coins and goblets, silver armour, skins of strange creatures, some with long spines, others with drooping wings, potions in jewelled, and a skull still wearing it's crown. ” The above passage of course describes the entrance to the vault of none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix Lestrange was a pure-blood witch that hailed from the Black famil, and later married in to the pure-blood Lestrange family.

Both the Black family and Lestrange families were wealthy in their own right-both stemming from the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’, a directory of truly pure-blood families that still existed within the wizarding world. Each family was immensely wealthy-with ‘old’ money passing down from generation to generation. Bellatrix, and her husband Rodolphous, ended up with a large portion of the money from both family trees, and the combination of these fortunes made them some of the richest people in the entire wizarding worl, overshadowing even the Malfoys. 1.

Nicolas Flamel You probably didn’t guess this one. Nicolas Flamel was a French scribe born in the 1300s in the city of Pontoise. On a day-to-day basis, Flamel worked as a scribe and manuscript-seller, and ran two shops offering these services in Paris.

Flamel achieved a great deal of success in his career and as a result became quite wealthy. Howeve, that’s not where the REAL money came from. You see, Flamel, an alchemical master, created an object named ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’- which, among other abilities, was able to turn ANY metal in to pure gold. Flamel of course eventually dies, but in the 666 or 670 odd years that he existed on the planet, I’m sure he had one or two opportunities to turn objects in to gold.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that he capitalized on it. Add that to the already IMMENSE wealth that he and Perennelle held, and well, we’ve got a winner. What do you guys think? Did I miss anyone? Would you rearrange this list? Comment down below.